Recreational Horse Therapy

At Your Angels Wings® we offer recreational horse therapy to to those with special needs. Whether your need is physical or emotional, it is special to us.

Recreational horseback riding provides equine-assisted therapy promoting the physical, emotional and educational growth of children and adults with special needs. It not only focuses on the therapeutic riding skills but also the development of a relationship between horse and rider. At Your Angels Wings® we use a team approach to provide assistance for the individual with the guidance of riding instructor.

Riding a horse provides a unique neuromuscular stimulation; the horse's gait is the closest replicating movement to the human gait and can be more effective than traditional, clinic-based forms of therapy. The horse's motion helps improve the muscular strength, coordination and balance of the rider. The rhythmic motion of the horse mimics the human movement of walking. The horses adjustable gait promotes riders to constantly adjust the speed to achieve the desired pelvic motion while promoting strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and confidence.

Special Olympics Equestrian Team

We now represent Walton County as the Equestrian Team in the Special Olympics. We achieved gold, silver and bronze medals in our first year of competition and our children and staff are currently preparing for this year's competition. Call Debi Dalton: 678-478-3198 for more information.