Our Mission

Our goal is for children and adults to have the opportunity to feel the healing powers of riding a horse. Creating a trust between the rider and the horse will result in a bond of love that can indeed be life changing. Confidence will be built while strengthening the body. Miracles have been known to happen and that is what we hope to offer here at Your Angels Wings®.

Everyone has an Angel and riding a horse is like having your own wings to soar!


Debi Dalton
Debi Dalton

My inspiration for Your Angels Wings® has been my granddaughter Addison. She was diagonosed with Phelan McDermid Syndrome in May 2012. She has brought such awareness to what is truly important in life and that is to "Love One Another". Loving her and experiencing her daily struggles has opened my eyes to what God has led me to do. Your Angels Wings® offers the opportunity for children and adults to experience the magic and healing of being with horses. Riding horses is therapeutic in many ways. It works and strengthens every muscle in your body while creating a calming effect that promotes confidence. The benefits of riding a horse are endless and will lead to amazing life changes. We help those with physical, mental and emotional challenges, with a concentration in autism, anxiety and abuse.

We will ensure your child's safety while giving them the ability to feel free of any restraints preventing them from experiencing the freedom they desire. We offer a calm serene atmosphere for rider and parent/guardian. While your rider enjoys their time with the horses, you can enjoy any of our specially designed areas to rest and reflect.


Your Angels Wings volunteers at Harvest Festival
Your Angels Wings volunteers at Special Olympics

We rely on the help of many volunteers to ensure that each child has an amazing experience at Your Angels Wings®. All of these people have a heart for special children, are dedicated to helping each child reach their goals and believe in the benefit that riding horses can bring.